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Working in the marine industry for quite some time prior to my job now, I heard some news today that was kind of upsetting from the consumer stand point.

A marine Supply company (Not naming names) recently had their CEO and Vice president walk out. Now with the Grand Opening of their newest store have gone away from their old "For the Boater" point of view and want their customers at the new location to pay for parking and expect revenue 2 times the amount that it was at the previous 2 locations combined that they just closed.

I understand that everyone needs to make a profit to survive in this time, especially in a trying industry, but you would think that you would be able to meet margins without breaking your customers’ bank accounts.
pay for parking? that's ridiculous it's a marine supply store they make plenty of money selling their boating supplies, fishing supplies, diving supplies, and whatever else they sell... sure making a profit is mandatory to keep a business successful and put food on the table for the workers families and keep a roof over their heads... but I, nor anyone else, will want to go to a marine store that makes you pay for parking. That'll just lessen their profits .
I agree if I got there and the lot cost money I would turn around and spend money elsewhere
that is screwed up, is it the city or the company that is the question? however i would go else where as well!!!
I can't imagine it's the city unless its in a place near a marina where parking is limited. I can see that. You know a guy goes and buys a bag of hooks at 2.99 and then goes and fish the bay and not pay the 15$ daily parking.
OH i think i pin pointed this place if my educated guess is correct, NEWPORT $$$$$$$$$$$$
I have no idea man. I was just throwing that out there.
I have no idea man. I was just throwing that out there.
So true, paying for parking would make me not go. Unless it was an emergency
OH screw that I made a call about this and its the new FLAG STORE in New Port, it is the store and they are charging customers to park, WTH, I will never go there.