Full Version: depth issues with elite 7
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while out last Saturday, both my system witch is a great unit and awesome with ease to use and onther elite 7 on another boat was having the same issues. we both were having trouble after 500 ft. the unit is good to 3000'.
we would restart it and i even check to make sure transducer was set correct. has anyone else. would not read and we played with the settings etc...

other than that the unit is like i said awesome, but it made it hard to meter fish....
amazing tech support and it is also amazing what an update will do. a few patches and setting changes and bam. We are good to go!
Thank you Lowrance and thank you tech support!
couldnt imagine BEING in water where I have that problem!
watching the depth go from 8 ft to 2100 ft in about 3 miles, yeah it kind of cool. haha