Full Version: Kona big yellowfin
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Well I just got a great txt from a great captain (capt. Bill) they where or are on their way to the manta ray spot
Set of 50s out and bam

104 lbs great job capt and crew as well the guest aboard.[Image: 82b9a62e332dcaba92e2159d02c92f76.jpg]

I forsee sashimi haha....

For all you fishing and manta needs in kona visit them

Some other pics of the boat and catches
[Image: f41b8873b7160dc4e3e890bdf97ac394.jpg][Image: 3cd0524f9946e18ac993e1ffc24f494c.jpg][Image: 87a96168a4b9fc271f8ca832dd1149a9.jpg]

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The actual txt I received .....
On the way to the manta spot on a 50 and it straightened out the swivel after we leader it 104 lbs

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That is a true statement I mean let's go see some mantas and possibly catch a small troll fish haha

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