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A legend in my books
So many years ago i had one of the guys on here @[b]Saltwater_Bass [/b]tell me about this Captain and all the things he was learning and was a master at fishing. Well OK; so he tells me all about Captain On Board and to keep this stuff top secret. He will post some trips etc and maybe introduce us. 

Well this past year i got a call from Captain this now many years later and many stories told with smiles and laughter. Hey what are you doing in 2 days. Your needed, you and a your boat at very cool tournament. Now for someone to go out on a line like that and have confidence that one you can run a boat and two catch fish, well i felt honored.

Anyways to the point of how this friendship was really started. And this goes to show what little things mean. He reminded me at the tournament of this story as he introduced me to some friends. Captain was on a trip and cleaning up the boat on the ride back when pushing ICE off the back of the boat his ring flew off. Well i see a post on facebook and let him know i have a box of rings. See back in the old days to make some extra cash, i had SS bracelets and rings of all kinds, bitchen ones too. I called him up said hey meet me at the launch ramp 22nd street. i got something for you.

well the rest is history and this captain has so much if people would listen and understand when he write or tells a story that there is knowledge to be taken in.

Let God lead the way!
Give a man a fish he eats for one day, teach him to fish he eats forever!

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