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Brisket Time
Had a brisket in the freezer and I've been itching to get it smoked. Yesterday was the day. Got it all thawed on Friday and rubbed with salt, pepper and garlic powder then bagged up to rest until Saturday morning. Started the for at 4:30 and had the 11.5 pounds of beef on there by 5:00am. Kept it at 225-250 the whole time and by 9:00 it was at 165 and ready to wrap in foil. Got her wrapped and back in the heat it goes. About 12:15 we were at 195 and ready to pull and rest. All that left is slicing and eating.

[Image: b910b351c936ff66ddb22e65c1d53571.jpg][Image: ea1eaa497bb204b328deaa514c2600c6.jpg][Image: 967da5b2ce7261cd4ae5bcb0f9cea1f0.jpg][Image: 5ba7a3e18f3b3672edfe0c2af0525cc6.jpg]

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"remember be quick but don't hurry." WHG
that looks great man, got to cook those long and slow.
nice job
Let God lead the way!
Give a man a fish he eats for one day, teach him to fish he eats forever!
Good Sammy meat right there....yummmm

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