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COME GET IT 7/1 Bass Blasters- What a night to remember.
We started fishing at the end of H&M and Kevin got some ghost shrimp and I brung squid. After a little bit of time goes by we each caught one spotty on the shrimp. Then not long Kevin gets a nice run on his bat ray setup which when he put it in gear it snapped him off.

That was it for a long long time. We had a few hits and misses on the shrimp but that was it. After a long time Kevin gets one more fish on the shrimp. About I'd say 15-20 mins later this family comes down to the dock and I started throwing my spinnerbait. Well right at the edge of the dock before it came off the bottom I felt something hit it 2 times. Then I let it fall back down and slowly bring it up. It was about half way up and this guy hammered it HARD. I though I had a much bigger fish with the way it was fighting. Kevin was my witness also haha.[Image: halibut71.jpg]

Well About 30-60 mins later Kevin quits and takes off. So I stayed down there and for a while I wasnt getting anything but a few miss hits. Then all of a suddon its like the switch turnt on. I was hooking up with bats left to right. I managed 3 or 4 hook ups when the sun was setting but all 3 or 4 snapped me off 70. Then it got a little dark and manged 3 more. I wasnt able to get any good pics due to my phone not having a flash. Two of the mud marlins were roughly 30-45 and one was a giant. I'd say 80-90 pounds. It was one awesome fight. [Image: bendo.jpg]

I also managed this spotty on my bat ray setup just before sun down. Sorry for the blure I was in a hurry to take it and get my line back out. But it was a nice 13-15".[Image: spotty71.jpg]

But now I wanna get back out and get more mud marlin!
Team Hooked Up
Nice work man.

"remember be quick but don't hurry." WHG
awesome deal man, been a while sense caught a bat ray, they are a kick in the ass.
Let God lead the way!
Give a man a fish he eats for one day, teach him to fish he eats forever!
Those bat ray are fun to pull on. I miss catching em.
I once gave up fishing. It was the most terrifying weekend of my life....
They're on the list. We need to invest in a Condo/Office down in SD, close to a Harbor. It'll be for business for sure....

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