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Getting Ready For Next season NOW

I hope everyone has had a good Christmas and enjoys Ringing in the New Year. But if your anything like me, I am already scheming and planing how to make next season better than this one.

To become better than the competition.

The light from my head lamp lit up the dark erie trail. Rain and snow mixed together hitting my face but I ignored it. In stead of carrying my bow and tree stand through the early morning darkness, this was different. The sounds of heavy metal rock and motivational words from Cameron Hanes blasted through my headphones. It was 10:30pm December 19th and my legs churned up the slippery trails dogging roots and rocks. My entire body ached with camps and my breaths were shallow, I wanted to collapse. I’ll admit I am a bit on the crazy side running trails with only a head lamp but I had only one goal in mind, to prepare in ways no one else would.

I’m getting ready for next season NOW, what are you doing besides dreaming?

How do you prepare differently to separate yourself from the competition? Wether it be hunting, fishing, or sports, how are you preparing? Are you getting the most out of your body mentally and physically? Now I don't have all the answers to this because since everyone is different, everyone will find these answers differently. However I will share with you how I approach this situation.

To me the key is difference. I never hide behind my loves and interests just to fit in. I’ll find a way to champion my differences and make them an advantage. For example I have begun running trails at night to get out of my comfort zone. To push what is possible to get better. For example, I play division three collegiate baseball. I am not a cookie cutter type player, But with my love and passion for the outdoors I use my mental and physical toughness as an advantage over others. Night running is just a way to hone those skills to become better than others. Although my teammates may think it is a bit extreme I ask this, who else submits themselves to pressure out of their comfort zone?

Do you?

All I want you to do is think, take a look at your self and challenge yourself. Champion your attributes and differences to create advantages in the field, the water and throughout.

Where Eagles Dare, Pushing the Wild Limits,


Great Read Happy New Year

Awesome and true push the limits and explore, be a bit different. I like it!
Happy New Year
Let God lead the way!
Give a man a fish he eats for one day, teach him to fish he eats forever!
another good read, thanks man enjoy them.
I am that guy who will control your thoughts on this site. (someday)
WOW! What an amazing story!! Great write up!
Scratch n Sniff

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