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Icast Florida 2012
This week is the 2012 Florida Icast show. What does that mean, well its only a matter of time before we see the newest and greatest stuff hit our local tackle shops. I hope in the next coming years ill be able to be there. Just Sharing some photos from there with ya.

Penn Fishing Booth
[Image: 534637_420044634713626_983856777_n.jpg]

My good Bud Chris Mason taken a picture with Scott Martin
[Image: 409591_380640071991867_581153892_n.jpg]

Mr. Skeet Reese

[Image: 306876_391652470894656_2145899071_n.jpg]

Abu Garcia's 2012 Bass Master Classic Champ

[Image: 252666_391669880892915_179085466_n.jpg]

we almost went last year when it was in Vegas, booths are not that badly priced. lots of great stuff and cool new stuff as well great place to meet people.
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