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In-depth review of the Medium Razor Shad from Stanford Cedar Lures!
The Slightly bigger yet just as effective Medium Razor Shad!

[Image: evensparcsmallerMainlogo.jpg]
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That looks old school, design...
Check out the video too...

I thought this may be the last of the Stanford Cedar Lures
hand-made, cedar crank baits I’d get to test, but got a surprise in the
mail today.. 2 more! This review is very similar to the previous
Razor Shad crank review, but its for the larger version, the Medium
Razor Shad. This crank acts a bit different in the water, but works
just as effectively. Click READ MORE for the overview and in-depth
Video Review.[Image: trans.gif]

[Image: mediumrazorshad-300x225.jpg]

The Medium Razor Shad is a medium depth diving (about 7 feet)
crankbait that is designed to provide a similar realistic presentation
as its smaller version but with a more pronounced wobble in the water.
The similar flat body provides a nice wide side profile for fish to see
but the main difference is the bill. Instead of square bill, it has a
long bill with a circular tip. The Medium Razor Shad was sent to
TheFishingRadar.com in the Chartreuse Tennessee paint job which mimics
many small panfish in my area. They are available lots of
colors/patterns and as you will see in my field test, EXTREMELY
effective (even in shallow water)! Check out the video below for our
in-depth review of the Medium Razor Shad. The Field Testing was
completed using a LEWS Tournament Pro TP1S baitcasting reel and Temple
Fork Outfitters Rod!

If you want to pick up your own Medium Razor Shad, Check out Stanford
Cedar Lures at the links below to find out how! And tell them you heard
about them from TheFishingRadar.com!

Stanford Cedar Lures Website

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