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Past Days on the water
[Image: 424d04dea88b44b470200f0d0564a9bb.jpg] 4 years ago
[Image: 4175dd8460c52cf3a68d4bba82e1f9a2.jpg] 6 years ago
[Image: ab53e914f3dade735ee710d03b336160.jpg][Image: 362d18ca2df24f80b593ba8a262b5b72.jpg] 2 years ago
[Image: 34d937d2fcd16d188a7771f666d06bbf.jpg][Image: a46ede3fe8747fcbfa9bf1a8fbf32606.jpg] last year heading out at 330 in the morning hah moon setting sun rising had a four hour sunrise. Thought we were in Australia for a min didn't know what one was what. Haha

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Good morning my friend, how's the fish bitten ? ,,, oh and love one of your pic selections of my bro chilling on the water.

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