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Swba July 7th
Check out some action on the water with the SWBA Tournament Series. Night event is coming up July 7th. Video from Stoked on Fishing by Shea McIntee

ok so i know you posted the info somewhere, but im too lazy to look. Gimme some info. Do you have to join for the whole series, or can you just do 1 or 2 tournaments. and how much per team? and how many anglers per team?
I think PSI and SSC need to get on that one . . . Looks sick.
ill call the one last sponsor and see what they say, also i need about one week off my "REEL" Job to get the portfolio and tournament stuff together. also we need to get the committee put together for it.
Anyone who wants in let me know, just PM me....
Let God lead the way!
Give a man a fish he eats for one day, teach him to fish he eats forever!
Man i would so be down. Why cant it be this weekend? next weekend i gotta go up to shaver lake with the inlaws. But maybe i have to work all weekend???????????? Wink
Cyclone Flashback'
Boundaries: Pt. Vicente to the Corona Del Mar Jetty in waters no deeper than 120' and deemed legal to fish by local authorities.
All three species (5 point bonus for catching all three species)
Davies Launch Ramp, Los Alamitos, California
deadline 9:00pm
Captain's meeting: Performance Tackle (7-5-12 @ 7pm)

Must pay the 50 member fee which is per person and 100 for the team to fish if paid by the 5th, 120 day of.

Side note: In order to fish this coming tournment you and you partner must pay the 50 bucks per person by the 1st. Also if you are wanting to fish this tournament, everything in between the boundaries is off limits monday-saturday week of but because of the holiday you may fish the 4th only.

Let me know and i can give you the number to sign up.

[Image: P1040500.jpg] [Image: P1040503.jpg] [Image: P1050128.jpg]

..These rules are for all 2012 Salt Water Bass Anglers tournaments. Each contestant MUST READ, UNDERSTAND, AGREE TO, AND SIGN a 2012 Salt Water Bass waiver prior to entering their first event each year. These rules will remain unchanged during the 2012 season. Separate or additional rules may apply for, “Special Events”. Ignorance of the rules is not a defense for violation of them. Protests must be made in writing within 30 minutes of the official check-in time of the weigh-in. The tournament director may assess a penalty/ disqualification without a written protest.

....The results of any event where protests have been filed or penalties or disqualifications have been assessed shall be considered unofficial until the tournament director of Salt Water Bass Anglers has conducted a review of the incident. This review shall be completed within 72 hours of the event. The decision of the tournament director shall be final in all matters. Adjustments to the results/paybacks, if necessary, shall be made after the final decision. Our objective is to offer you the fairest most consistent handling of any problem. To avoid protests, if you suspect a possible infraction is about to take place - Alert the would-be offender and check the rules!!!


....Any contestant who displays poor sportsmanship, violates these rules or violates the state fishing laws may be disqualified. This includes conduct on and off the water including conduct in and around the host facilities for any event as well as conduct on the message boards within the SWBA website. Misconduct may be deemed as an infraction of our sportsmanship rule and is grounds for disqualification from any event and/or exclusion from membership in Salt Water Bass Anglers.


....Participation is open to all members of Salt Water Bass Anglers. Membership is open to everyone. At least one (1) partner of each team shall be 18 years of age or older. Those anglers under the age of 18 years must have written consent of parent or guardian. High School students must maintain a GPA of at least 2.0. No one under the age of 18 may fish alone. A “Team” consists of two anglers. Teammates must remain the same throughout the series in order to accumulate points for that team. One member of a team may fish alone at any event; however, points will not be awarded if the other partner fishes the same event with a different partner.


....All boats must meet Coast Guard regulations. Each boat must contain all required U.S. Coast Guard safety equipment. Both anglers are required to wear a USCG certified PFD while the boat is on plane, the boat operator must have the boat killswitch lanyard attached while underway. Boats must contain a properly aerated or recirculating live well to maintain alive a team limit catch of fish. Any vessel deemed "unsuitable" by a tournament director would not be allowed to participate in that event. Boat owners will be required to provide proof of liability insurance to Salt Water Bass Anglers before they may compete in any SWBA event. No open air refueling unless performed/supervized by an autherized tow service. Storage of 'Jerrycan' style fuel cells will be prohibited. Only MMA approved tanks will be allowed on board. Saftey Violations will result in a disqualification.


....All fish must be caught live in a conventional and sporting manner. Trolling is prohibited. Cast and retrieve methods only, fish must be hooked/retrieved by the angler. Only artificial lures are permitted. No prepared or live bait may be used. The intentional snagging of fish is strictly prohibited. Only one “rod and reel” may be used at a time. Both angler's feet must remain aboard the vessel while casting, retrieving and landing fish.


....A "25 yard rule" is in effect at all times during competition. No contestant's boat may move within 25 yards of another contestant's boat at any time for the purpose of fishing without the consent of all contestants' involved. As a general rule of sportsmanship all anglers should give all others enough room to make a reasonable cast to fish an area. Exception: In the case of fishing docks or piers, no contestant's boat may "tie up," or "protect" more than a single dock at one time regardless of the distance involved.


....In the event of equipment failure or emergency, contestants' boat may be towed to the check-in. If it is necessary to transfer fish to another boat, it must be another contestant's boat. At least one member of the team must accompany the fish to the weigh-in site.


....Official fishing hours will be announced prior to the day of each event. Teams late for the morning check-in deadline will have to check-in on the water after the starting field has been released. All teams must check in with the tournament boat. There will be a 1lb./min penalty, up to 15 minutes, assessed to teams who have not checked into the tournament boat at their appointed flight time. No culling of fish in the host marina or weigh-in area. Fish must be 'bagged and tagged' before you approach the weigh-in dock. Catch bags must be SWBA approved and 'self draining'. Nets and 'wet bags' that are presented to the weighmaster will not be weighed.


.....50 lbs. will be deducted from the total bag weight for each dead fish presented for weigh-in, this also means that the .50 lb. penalty will apply to all fish submitted as 'Big Fish'. The tournament director or a designee will make all judgments of fish mortality. No Team shall possess more than five (5) fish at any time except when culling. Both anglers must stop fishing when culling. Culling of dead fish is prohibited and will result in disqualification.


....Off limits time periods in place for all events this year and will be in effect from Monday-Saturday prior to the event, within the designated boundaries. No team may launch or enter into the boundaried area to transit or fish during this time. Infraction of this rule will be considered grounds for disqualification for that event!


....Scoring will be determined by the total weight of each teams catch. The limit shall be five (5) fish per team. The official minimum length for bass shall be thirteen (13) inches. Bass will be measured lying down, mouth closed / tail fanned, on a FLAT board. Tail may be swung but must remain fanned. Bass presented for weigh-in, which fail to measure the prescribed minimum length limit, shall be removed from the catch and a penalty of one (1) pound will be deducted from the remaining weight. 100 points will be awarded for first place, 99 points for second place and so on. Twenty (20) “Show-up” points will be awarded to each team in attendance. All ties will be broken by the team weighing the heaviest bass at that event. All tournaments are based on a 1 in 5 pay out ratio. Angler of the year ties will be broken by total bag weights for the season.


....The top 25% of the average field, after round 6, will qualify to fish the season finale'. Winning any single event will qualify a team to fish the finale' provided they have fished all six events. A wild card spot shall be awarded to the team weighing the single heaviest bass in the final qualifying event provided that team has fished all six events.


....Communication between Teams during tournament hours is strictly prohibited. This includes the use of cellular phones, vhf radios or any other communication devices. Exceptions are allowed in emergency situations.


....All coastal, harbor, and Back Bay waters within the 120' depth line and considered legal to fish by the USCG and local authorities will be deemed legal to fish. All tournament boundaries are contingent upon the implementation of MLPA conservation areas. No fishing will be permitted within 50 yards of any fuel dock. No fishing will be permitted within 300 yards of any oil platform. Casting over a buoy line into restricted/out of bounds waters is prohibited. No team may enter to fish within any posted no entry zones by the US navy, USCG, DFG or local authorities. Fishing within any posted restricted areas will be considered grounds for disqualification for that tournament. . Teams that receive a ticket from law enforcement for any violation will be disqualified from that event.


....All competing members must possess a current and valid California fishing license. This license must be in possession at all times during competition. Any Team member(s) cited for non-possession of a valid fishing license will automatically receive a Team disqualification for that event.

(06-27-2012, 09:36 AM)choodak Wrote: ok so i know you posted the info somewhere, but im too lazy to look. Gimme some info. Do you have to join for the whole series, or can you just do 1 or 2 tournaments. and how much per team? and how many anglers per team?
100 before capt meeting, 120 day of. 2 person team with a 5 fish limit per team. And you can do 1 or 2 tournaments. Depending on boats, ive seen up to 10th place get pay but unsure if thats from entry or side pots as well. 1st place gets 2 revos, 2 phenix rods, and some bucks. Over all its really fun, bbq and tons of food at the end, ect... Choodak also if you want to know more from the angler point of view hit up Frank, he has fished all events this year.

oh ok. i'll be stopping in there to deliver an order so i'll chat it up
find out the next one and we will enter into it
Let God lead the way!
Give a man a fish he eats for one day, teach him to fish he eats forever!
Sept 15th 'LA chase' Boundaries: Pt Mugu to Pt Vicente including MDR marina in waters no deeper than 120' and deemed legal to fish by local authorities. All three species (5 point bonus for catching all three species) 6:00am-2:00pm Marina Del Rey Launch Ramp, MDR, California Sign-in deadline 5:15am Captain's meeting: Sav-on Tackle


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