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This is a MUST SEE Eliminator 40 cat center console
Well it has been in the work and now the time has come. Eliminator custom boats and a center console. The 40 foot cat will be powered by 4 x 400 mercury racing engines and all of the greatness you would expect from the legendary builder. Speaking with Bob about this at the LA Boat Show I am pleased and impressed. More details soon on this beast. I can not wait to test fish this boat.[Image: bbe80119f75dc92060d7a62b53df65e7.jpg]

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That will be a beast of a center console man. Get on those fish quick

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"remember be quick but don't hurry." WHG
with 4 - 400 hp mercs some where close to 100 mph

yes she will be a beast and we hope to be the first to test fish her....
Let God lead the way!
Give a man a fish he eats for one day, teach him to fish he eats forever!

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