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Notice of Public Hearing - May 31, 2012

Maui Waena Intermediate School
795 Onehee Ave, Kahului
6:00 - 8:30 pm

Proposed Rule Addition 13-244-15.5

Summary of Rule - All operators of any power driven vessel in Hawaii will be required to obtain and possess, a certificate of completion from a State of Hawaii and National Association of State Boat Law Administrators (NASLBA), an approved course on the safe use and operation of all power driven vessels.* (BOATING LICENSE) *except licensed captains


-Complete an online - course 3-4 hours
-Pay fees - Currently average $35-$50
-Carry operators certificate at all times on boat you are operating

Penalties for Non-Compliance

-$50 to $1000 fine or up to 30 days in jail or both and up to
-30 days suspension of boating privileges

Items of Objection

-No definition of vessel, size, type or horse power
-No prior experience or age exemptions
-Increased enforcement personnel cost and court costs
-Burden of cost to individuals and businesses in community
-Ambiguity of interpretation

Rule can be found at:


Aloha Members:

The proposed rule addition 13-244-15.5 has passed through the various DNLR, DOBOR and State Committees with little regard or concern for our written testimony identifying undefined ambiguous verbiage as well the social and economic impact on businesses and our boating community.

For example:

-A 75 year old Hawaiian fisherman who has been fishing with his private boat for 50 years will need to complete a 3-4 hour course on line and pay $35-$50 to go out on the water or face fines or imprisonment.
-If you were to want to sell your boat, the prospective buyer would have to have a boat license to test drive your boat.
-Your sailboat has a tender with a 2 horsepower motor; You need a boating license.
-A kayak with an electric motor. Operator needs to be licensed.

Anyone under 15 years old, cannot drive a boat with any motor without a licensed person over 15 years old accompanying them. This rule is written poorly and will affect a large portion of our population both financially and time-wise. What necessitates such increased legislation and the burden of compliance? We don't need more mainland regulation and costs. We are an unique community in that we are surrounded by water and this rule clearly does not conform to our culture.

If there was a time to band together and let your voice be heard this is it.

Go to the meeting at:

Maui Waena Intermediate School:
795 Onehee Ave, Kahului
May 31, 2012 from 6:00 - 8:30 pm

Bring your friends, let your voice be heard. Otherwise be forewarned, this rule will become law.

Location: All Hawaii
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