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Wicked Tuna Hard Merchandise
Captain Dave of the Hard merchandise on Nat Geo Wicked tuna will be on air on Klaa Am830 tomorrow on Fish Talk Radio. Call in and speak to him live From 10-11 pm at 877 883 0830. Also joining the show will be SWBA Director Eric talking about last weekends LB night tournament. Also Todd Maris from Taco Surf will be in the house speaking as well. Todd has put together Team Hook it and Cook it, where local anglers get together for a night, bring in there catches and Taco Surf cooks it. Fun night with industry people, fisherman, drinks, and food. Bring in you fishing license to any of the Taco Surf locations and receive 15% off you bill. In this picture is Captain Dave of the Hard Merchandise supporting a Team Hook it and Cook it t-shirt. Cool to see a local business being supported else where.

[Image: 314020_442562435764626_1351004755_n.jpg]

I am that guy who will control your thoughts on this site. (someday)
Hey guys the show starts in 45 min. t-shirts coffee and a picture of Captain Dave signed for a give away. Call in the show to win!!

Will he be on the show again?
Yes i believe in the near future!


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