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some words from Eliminator Customers
MIRA LOMA: Trying to stay afloat in rough economic waters | Business | PE.com | Southern California News | News for Inland Southern California
IDK if the link above still works, Bob is a true person and cares about everyone and every boat he builds.
you know back in 2002 when they were pretty much at one of the biggest peaks in Refinance boat buying... we were buying standard sale with financing needed. We decided on the 22' Eagle... custom everything and had a BLAST watching the build step by step!! Dan Alberts our sales guy took pics every day and built a photo album for us!! That was really cool!!
well on the day of delivery... it was a Saturday morning and we were so excited we couldn't breath!! Well they did the big dog & pony show... had it brought into the middle of the wharehouse and had everyone there... Bob, Kenny and Dan!! Even helped with my whole presentation of the surprise boat name I had put on for him... it was amazing... Bob took the time when selling 200k+ boats all day long... to stop and say thank you for the business of our 22' boat! We felt like a million bucks!!!

2yrs later you can BET we went back and traded up to our 26!! I will NEVER get rid of this boat... there is no better size for our needs!!
"I don't consider my Eliminator Boat payment a payment, I consider it my membership fee"...
-Bear Down
That article pretty much sums it up.

When we bought our current Boat from Bob, about 6 years ago, he was less than enthused about our purchase, than say, someone buying a $200,000 Boat. Ours was substantially cheaper (now being 15 years old). I guess I could explain it as "Abruptly cordial". Since then, the Boat has been back to his shop for different work several times, as well as for regular maintenance. I have always been treated like I spent a million bucks on a boat from him, and Kenny. Both good people. I remember going to the Perris facility shortly before he gave it up. I was looking at some boats in the back, and there he was out washing a customers Boat on a Saturday. Humbling I guess.

One of the nicest people you'll ever meet. I wish him the best.

Let God lead the way!
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