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Trailer maintenance
Trailer maintenance, sure I checked the air pressure and lights, oh and the brake fluid.
All is good lets go play. Sounds about like the normal start of either the season or a start of a long tow.
Break lines, wiring, safety chains / cables, leaf springs, shackle and bolts etc...

[Image: afcc03ca286d319c474ebe22c010fa3e.jpg][Image: 6a7c0c80be0e1741313d3c39f063fdcb.jpg][Image: e546231987d7d07240dfd95c4a6f48cb.jpg][Image: 23f156f43966384e6652f48d2b5b0c91.jpg][Image: d77a8c7edfe5b6e9f57ac9f5fa56fcbe.jpg]

Now if you use your boat in saltwater and tow lots, be prepared to have issues like this. The parts for this trailer where not that expensive in all about $60. As you can see 18 yrs of salt and towing really beat the shackle plates up and we wash this trailer with fresh water after every trip. If your asking why did they write this and explain some details. Well the legal aspect came to mind and just a safe trip for you.

If a shackle where to break and release the spring not,only could your rig have catastrophic issues and damage, but remember the cost of road repairs and damages to other property.

Keep maintenance in mind for safety.

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